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Amark Bird Managment
A-Mark has never failed on a bird management program.

A-Mark Pest & Bird Management, Inc. specializes in the relocation of problem birds such as vultures (commonly referred to as buzzards,) pigeons, starlings, grackles, English sparrows and doves. If it has feathers, we have a program. 

Pest birds sometimes roost together by the hundreds of thousands and create health and safety hazards, destroy equipment, as well as wreak havoc when bird droppings land in waste water and create high nitrogen levels in outgoing streams.

Power outages are caused in electrical sub-stations which shut down production and cost valuable time and resources. Bird droppings are a major health issue in addition to causing equipment failure and product contamination issues.


A-Mark owns the patents and manufactures, installs and maintains repelling systems designed for pipe arbors and sub-stations. A-Mark has a good working relationship with the USDA to acquire the permits necessary for the relocation of protected species such as vultures and doves. We install bird netting in highly visible and complex areas. Sterilization and removal of bird waste is another vital service provided by A-Mark.


A-Mark is currently serving: Gulf Coast area of Houston, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri.

Pest Bird Control Specialists serving  Texas, Louisiana,  Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri.  Industrial Bird Management for Vultures, Pigeons and all other Flying Pests .

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A-Mark Pest & Bird Management, Inc.
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